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Battery Operated Strapping Tool

UPA-DD160 Battery Operated Strapping Tool
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Item UPA160 Electric Battery Operated Strapping Tool
Application Widely applicable for Paper packing, Aluminum,Steel,Wood Plated and
Bars, Pallets, Fiber fabrication, Cotton, Tobacco, Chemicals, Metal
Feature 1. Easy to use, light weight, high-power electric design.
2. Sealess,Friction welding design, with nice & reliable interface.
3. Automatic working model, tensioning & welding controllable.
4. Li-ion battery is included, battery recharger optional.
5. Heavy duty, special construction design,easily to tension & strap
6. steel, aluminum blocks, heavy packing stuff.
7. Equipment with long life durance, whole tool & spare parts made from
8. alloys with high strength, high durability,developed craft
9. technology.
10. Sealing time adjustable,LED scale display
11. Safe & free fatigue.
Strap Size Width 13-16MM(Adjustable)
  PP width 0.6-1.2MM
  PET width 0.5-1.2MM
Strap Material Plastic PP(Polypropylene) & PET(Polyethylene terephthalate)
Weight(With Battery) 3.9KG
Size 130MM*140MM*370MM
Tension Force 650N-3000N
Sealing Mode Friction Welding
Operation Mode Hand held with button switch,Flat (minimum 120mm—5” )
Round surface (min. diam. 700mm—28”)
Power Battery Each tool equip with one piece (12V,2.4AH)
  Charge Time 60 mins Charging,  100-200 circles working 
  Charger Rate 220V,100HZ
  Life Circle 2000 circle
Maintenance Warranty 1 year for Whole Tool,3 months for wearing part

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BXT3 Battery Operated Strapping Tool
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Product Details

Strap PP/PET
Strap Width 9-16mm
Strap Thickness 0.5-1.0mm
Joint Strength 75-85%
Tension Range 0 – 2500 N
Tension Speed 220 mm/sec
Weight 3.9 kg
Battery Type BOSCH 14.4V 2.6Ah Li-ion
Cycles per Charge 200 – 400
Charger BOSCH AL 1860 CV
Charging Time 15-30min

The BXT3 provides all the benefits of Signode’s proven battery powered tool range-but is faster, easier to use and more productive than ever.


Designed to deliver low cost of ownership, consistency and reliability, BXT2 features ‘Hypercharge Technology’ enabling the BOSCH battery to be charged at any time, with just a 15 minute charge restoring 75-80% of the battery’s total power. Additionally, BXT2 maintains strap tension levels, to the last cycle.

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P328 Battery Operated Strapping Tool
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Product Details

Strapping qualities Polyester (PET) and Polypropylene (PP) plain and embossed
Strapping dimensions width 12.0 – 16.0 mm
Thickness 0.40 – 1.05 mm / .016 – .041”
Weight Incl. Battery 4.3 kg / 9.6 lbs
Tool size with battery L351 x W134 x H143 mm / 13.8” x 5.3” x 5.6”
Type of seal Friction weld sealing
Average Seal Strength Approx. 75% (dependent On Strap Quality)
Tension force 250 – 2600 N / 56 – 585 lbs (adjustable
Tension speed 67 – 124 mm/s / 2.6 – 4.9 inch/s
Power supply Battery Li-Ion 18VDC / 4.0 Ah
Suspension Bracket Optional

advantages :

  • high tension force up to 2600n / 585 lbs

  • tension force and sealing time adjustable with simple knobs

  • tool in both semi-automatic and automatic (single button) version available

  • for efficient operation

  • brushless motor for less maintenance and improved life time

  • improved plates and guides – less effort to remove the tool from the strap

  • no tension rocker – easier to remove tool from small package surfaces

  • motor temperature monitoring to protect motor from overheating

  • cycle counter included (special reader required)

  • battery well protected

  • battery charge indicator included

  • simple one-handed operation

  • tool is fully covered for finger protection

  • optional motor cooling fan available to reduce overheating risk

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P329-S Battery Operated Strapping Tool
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Product Details

Width 12.0 – 16.0 Mm / ½ - ⅝”
Thickness 0.40 – 1.05 Mm / .016 – .041”

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